UNI eLearning Suite

  • Shiny new toy for Bb Learn - Bb Annotate, with new inline grading features for grading Bb Learn assignments

    New Interface for Bb Learn Inline Grading of Assignments

    Blackboard has developed a new interface for inline grading of Bb Learn assignments that offers a more robust feature set to provide customizable feedback to students. The migration to Bb Annotate was completed on June 1, 2020. Please visit our Bb Annotate webpage for video overview, help resources, webinar offerings, and workshop offerings. If you've never used Bb Learn's Assignment tool for students to submit assignments electronically, we encourage you to sign up for the workshop, "Bb02: Assessing Your Students Using Bb Learn's Assignment Tool​". Visit the Faculty/Staff Workshop Calendar for details.

  • Office Hours Using Google Calendar Appointment Slots & Bb Learn

    Office Hours Using Google Calendar Appointment Slots & Bb Learn

    Learn how to create "Appointment Slots" in your Google Calendar for students to sign up for office hours and what is needed to make them available to students via your Blackboard Learn course. Watch this video tutorial.

  • BbWorld20 Galaxy of Learning - Blast off to the future of education - Learn more at bbworld.com

    Attend BbWorld for Free!

    Blackboard's annual conference is going virtual this summer and it will be FREE? BbWorld provides an opportunity to share best practices, discuss changes in education, and generate new ideas. Whatever your role, you will emerge better equipped to leverage the trends in teaching and learning, the student experience, analytics, institutional change, accessibility, employability, and community engagement. Learn more at bbworld.com.

  • summer workshops are now open for registration

    Sign Up Now for Summer eLearning Workshops

    Summer eLearning suite workshops are now available on the Faculty/Staff Workshop Calendar and registration is open. Workshops address various Blackboard features, Zoom, Panopto, and Turnitin. Get a head start on your fall courses!


  • We're here to answer your questions; Zoom Video conferencing

    IT-ETMS Educational Technologists Available for Consultations

    Do you have questions about one or more of UNI's supported eLearning technologies and/or effective teaching and learning strategies regarding teaching remotely? Request a consultation with an Educational Technologist from Educational Technology and Media Service's Instructional Technology Team. They are prepared to assist you remotely. When possible, consultations are conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing. If not familiar with Zoom, it is helpful to watch the Zoom video tutorial.


Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020

Here's an excellent article by Educause discussing what (some) students are saying with regards to their remote learning experiences.

Friday, Apr 10, 2020

The new version of Zoom is now available in Software Center. Changes to existing features include - Remove the meeting ID from the title bar - Move Invite button to Participants panel. New and enhanced features - Add Security button in the host’s meeting toolbar.

Thursday, Apr 9, 2020

Panopto has Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) that you can add as Closed Captions to your video! To add your automatic captions please visit this tutorial.  NOTE Automatic captions from any system are not 100% correct. If you need Closed Captions for a student as a part...

Wednesday, Apr 1, 2020

As we use Zoom more for collaboration, here is a resource to learn about how to prevent unauthorized access to your zoom meeting.

How to help prevent unauthorized access to your Zoom meeting.

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020

A recording of the "Remote Possibilities: Considering your Students' Bandwidth" provided by the CETL and ETMS is available. This session discussed options for teaching remotely for students with "low-bandwidth" capabilities....