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  • Need a tune-up on your eLearning skills? Register now for January workshopps!

    Register Now for January Workshops

    Workshops have been added to our Faculty/Staff Workshops Calendar for January 3 - 13, 2023. Why not take advantage of the extended interim to learn more about the eLearning tools available to you at UNI and sign up for something new or learn more about one you've only dabbled with? Register online. If you are unable to attend our live workshops, many are available on demand as well.

  • Service Hub knowledge base slide

    Service Hub Knowledge Base

    Check out all the pages, available for you, in the Service Hub space. Want help building your course? What about adding new content you're interested in? Students can even find the help they need on Service Hub too! Over one hundred eLearning Suite help documents have recently been added to the UNI Service Hub knowledge base. To search it, simply go to ServiceHub.uni.edu and type your question in the search bar.


  • New bb learn app

    The New and Improved Blackboard Learn App

    Blackboard's Instructor App has now merged with the Blackboard Learn App for students to make staying on top of courses easier. Instructors can login to see their courses' content available to them and even have the power to grade via the app, make announcements, and much more all on the go. Download it from your device's app store! For additional information on Blackboard's Mobile App, head over to the Mobile Apps page on the eLearning site.

  • Microsoft Immersive Reader available in Ally.

    Microsoft Immersive Reader available in Blackboard Ally

    Blackboard Ally has now integrated Microsoft Immersive Reader to continue making strides in helping all students access their content to the best of their abilities. With the Immersive Reader comes options to change font size, text spacing, edit color contrast, convert text-to-speech, and much more. No add-ons or installs required, it is seamlessly integrated with Ally. New alternative formats for accessing Blackboard content are now available as well. 

  • Accessibility improving in blackboard

    Bb Ally - Accessibility & From Reactive to Proactive - Accessibility

    Blackboard Ally integrates into the learning management system to focus on creating digital course content to be more accessible for students. From Reactive Accommodations to Proactive Accessibility demonstrates how universal design, closed captioning, and much more combine to make a powerhouse of accessibility. By building a more inclusive student experience pupils can take control of their learning with quality of mind. These sessions and more can be found on the On-Demand Workshop videos page.


Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022

Students: Are you new to the UNI eLearning Suite of tools and not sure how to get started? Please visit the Getting Started for Students guide for assistance.

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

A few reminders for the start of the semester for all UNI users:

Need help with Blackboard (Bb) Learn, Panopto, or any of the other UNI eLearning Suite tools: Please complete and submit the '...

Monday, Aug 15, 2022

If you've clicked on a Panopto video link in your Blackboard (Bb) Learn course but get the "You do not have access to view this session" error message:

Please do not click the "Request Access" link and try this:

In the upper right hand corner, click on your name and then the "Sign out" button.

This will take you to the UNI Panopto System...
Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

A few reminders for the start of the semester for all UNI users:

Need help with Blackboard (Bb) Learn, Panopto, or any of the other UNI eLearning Suite tools: Please complete and submit the '...

Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021 from approximately 10:14 a.m. CST to 4:31 p.m. CST, the Blackboard (Bb) Learn System was not accessible due to issues at Amazon's AWS us-east-1 data center where our Bb Learn instance is hosted.

During this 6 hours and 17 minute period, ALL UNI users were unable to access the UNI Bb Learn...