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Panopto - Lecture Capture

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Panopto is UNI's lecture capture solution that is integrated with Blackboard Learn. With Panopto, you can create video content for your online or face to face courses that you share with your students through Blackboard Learn. Students can also be assigned to create their own presentations with the tool. It also can be used to create video tutorials, share videos taken from your phone, and much more. Check out the Faculty Workshops link below under Help and Resources to see when the next Panopto workshop is or schedule an individual appointment to discuss how you can start using Panopto today!

View sample videos recorded at UNI.

White Papers and Case Studies in Panopto.

View the UNI Panopto Guidelines for use

Use in Teaching and Learning

Panopto can be used to...

  • Flip your classroom
  • Capture your lectures for anytime/anywhere access
  • Assess student understanding through embedded quizzes
  • Create video tutorials
  • Track viewer engagement of videos
  • Manage your course videos in one place
  • Manage student video submissions
  • Fully integrated with Blackboard Learn

Help and Resources



Panopto FAQ



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UNI Faculty Quote

picture of Robert Dise "I adopted Panopto to enable me to deliver content in emergencies, but have found that it vastly increases my flexibility in delivering content to my students as a matter of course and that it gives me the freedom to devote classroom time to a wider range of educational activities while still delivering the same course content.  And my experience persuades me that making Panopto recordings of all my lectures available to my students improves the students' learning of those lectures' contents, and may even improve their attentiveness in class." - Bob Dise, UNI Faculty member