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Panopto is UNI's lecture capture, video upload, and streaming solution that is integrated with Blackboard (Bb) Learn. With Panopto, you can create video content for your online or face-to-face courses that you securely share with your students through Bb Learn. Additionally, faculty can assign students Panopto video assignments to create presentations or upload their own videos to the tool. Panopto can be used to create video tutorials, share videos taken from your phone, and much more. Check out the Faculty Workshops link below under Quick Links to see when the next Panopto workshop is or schedule an individual appointment to discuss how you can start using Panopto today!

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Robert Dise

"I love Panopto for how it has changed how I use my face-to-face time with

I use Panopto to pre-record "lectures" that students watch before they
come to class.  This means we spend less of our face-to-face time
conveying background information and more time interacting with examples
of the materials (the "flipped classroom").  Students spend much more time
interacting with each other and the content of my courses.  Better yet,
they do so in a controlled environment.  I am able to move the points in
the course where students hit hurdles to be in my classroom with
assistance from me or their peers rather than in their dorm rooms when
they are alone.  Students appear to complete the course with much deeper
experience with the content and not just surface level knowledge."

Ben Schafer - UNI Faculty Member


Sarah Diesburg

















I've been turning on the Panopto recording software to record my class lectures for the past few years.  I've found that it frees up the students from scribbling notes to become more fully involved in the present classroom experience.  Students know they can check the videos later for any specific notes they have missed, and by doing this, I've noticed a decrease in the amount of basic questions asked during my office hours.  In other words, Panopto saves me time as a professor by not having to answer basic questions about concepts I've already covered.  

In the last semester, I also started using Panopto to give video replies to more advanced questions students ask me over email.  The advantage to video replies is that I can give more complete answers to questions, and if enough students have the same question, I can send the video link out to the entire class.

Finally, during snow days or sickness, I can often quickly edit a video or two from the previous semester to allow the students to continue learning even if class can't meet.  The bottom line is that Panopto both saves me time as an instructor and adds value for the students.

Quotes from my last two semesters of student evaluations:

“I really liked the recordings they were lifesavers in some situations and providing all the material really helped.”

“Professor Diesburg made the class increasingly accessible with an easy to read text book, video lectures, and power points…”

"Providing lecture content online greatly helped. If I misunderstood something I could always go back to the lecture video and review it or look at the slides."

(From instructor’s main strengths) “Answering your questions in a clear way.  Video emails really helped on the homework!”

(From instructor’s main strengths) "Willingness to use technology within the classroom to help with studying (recording lectures)."

Sarah Diesburg - UNI Faculty Member


Ben Schafer

"I adopted Panopto to enable me to deliver content in emergencies, but have found that it vastly increases my flexibility in delivering content to my students as a matter of course and that it gives me the freedom to devote classroom time to a wider range of educational activities while still delivering the same course content.  And my experience persuades me that making Panopto recordings of all my lectures available to my students improves the students' learning of those lectures' contents, and may even improve their attentiveness in class."

Bob Dise - UNI Faculty Member