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Anthology's Blackboard (Bb) Learn is an application for online teaching, learning, community building, and knowledge sharing (termed "LMS", or Learning Management System). Hosting a large variety of tools and features, Blackboard Learn is an invaluable tool for teachers and students alike. Whether in a fully online class or used alongside a traditional classroom, be sure to take advantage of: assignments, tests, discussion boards, embedded video options, the Gradebook, course reports, third-party integrations (such as Panopto or Turnitin), and more!

Making the Transition to Bb Learn Ultra from Bb Learn Original

Why: Blackboard Learn Ultra is better!

When: View UNI's transition timeline

How: Based on recommendations and feedback from other schools that have transitioned to Ultra, it is highly recommended that you use this opportunity to revitalize your Bb Learn course(s) and build your Ultra course from scratch. The Ultra course view has tools/features that do not exist in Original. For example, we encourage use of Learning Modules in Ultra rather than the use of folders when you organize course items by content sequence (preferred). Learning Modules in Ultra are beneficial for tracking your students' viewing habits using the Progress Tracking tool, something that wasn't available in Bb Learn Original. If the thought of starting over seems too daunting, check out the AI Design Assistant that uses advanced AI technologies to help you find royalty free images, create learning modules, make rubrics, create question banks, and design assessments. Here's a document, provided by Anthology that shows you step-by-step the process on How to Build a Blackboard Learn Ultra Course (HINT: start with Course Structure!)

Note: While a full course copy is possible to migrate your content from Bb Learn Original to Bb Learn Ultra, we strongly discourage it, as it is highly likely to create more of a mess to clean up than it is worth. Our recommendation is to use Blackboard Learn Ultra's "granular course copy" ability to bring over your course content in pieces, as you organize your new Blackboard Learn Ultra course. Here are resources to assist you as you go through the transition:

Getting Started with Bb Learn Ultra and Adding Content

On-Demand Videos

On-Demand videos are available to assist you with learning more about Blackboard Learn Ultra. Please visit our "UNI eLearning Suite On-Demand Videos" Service Hub page where you'll find links to videos that address the following topics related to Blackboard Learn Ultra:

  • Getting Started
  • Panopto Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Creating Dynamic Content
  • Assessing Student Learning
  • Collaborative and Personalized Learning
  • Putting it All Together
  • Gradebook Management

We especially encourage you to hear from several of your faculty colleagues (Gayle Rhineberger, Bryce Kanago, & Karen Breitbach) who participated in our pilot of Blackboard Learn Ultra and have been using it since the Fall 2023 semester. One of them, Gayle Rhineberger, even helped us out with a pre-pilot and has been using Ultra since the Spring 2023 semester. These faculty participated in a panel session on March 20, 2024 called, "Faculty Road Test of Bb Learn Ultra" (51:26).

UNI's Bb Learn Ultra Service Hub Documentation

Bb Learn Resources for Students Ultra Resources for Students

Share your ideas for Improving Blackboard Learn Ultra via Anthology Idea Exchange

The Anthology Idea Exchange allows you to share, like, vote, and comment on your favorite ideas, proposed and submitted by Anthology clients LIKE YOU! Contribute YOUR ideas to improve Ultra and upvote other community member ideas via Anthology Idea Exchange

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Check out our "Getting Started with the UNI eLearning Suite for Faculty/Staff" documentation.

Blackboard Learn Ultra Pilot Champions

ETMS - Instructional Technology gives a shout out to UNI's Blackboard Learn Ultra Pilot Champions. They dedicated several days during the summer (2023) to participate in training and learn as much as possible about Blackboard Learn Ultra in a short amount of time. Then they taught courses using Blackboard Learn Ultra for Fall 2023. Additionally, they have graciously agreed to the best of their ability to help their colleagues with the transition to Ultra. Follow the link above to see who are the Ultra Pilot Champions from your college.

Bb Learn Ultra - What's New and Release Notes

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