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Turnitin - Originality Check, Online Grading, and Peer Review

UNI has an agreement with iParadigms, LLC that permits campus-wide utilization of their Turnitin products:

Originality Check: Allows instructors to easily detect potential plagiarism on any student paper by comparing it against the world's largest comparison database; and more importantly, offers outstanding resources for educating students on plagiarism and properly citing references.
GradeMark:  Online grading tool that saves instructors time and provides richer student feedback with marks directly on student assignments via easy drag-and-drop editing marks, voice comments, and rubrics.
PeerMark: Facilitates peer review so that students can evaluate each other's work and learn from their classmates via tools that automate assignment distribution, allow for anonymous reviews, and options for instructor questions to guide the peer reviews.

The Turnitin Building Block is installed on the UNI eLearning System (Blackboard Learn) which gives instructors access to Turnitin’s tools within their UNI eLearning course(s). Creating a Turnitin assignment is accessible in all eLearning courses to anyone with an instructor role from the "Assessment > Turnitin Assignment" link.

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