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Zoom is a powerful video conferencing tool that allows you to conduct remote meetings with HD video and high quality audio. Once a meeting starts, utilize the full set of features offered by Zoom including screen sharing, text chatting, recording, and breakout rooms, which split the meeting into smaller groups. The attendees are not required to have a license to use Zoom and may access Zoom from a variety of different devices.Zoom has been used in several large events at UNI and many faculty and staff are already using it for meetings, instruction and collaboration.

To use Zoom at UNI to host interactive video conferences, you will need to download and install the Zoom application. For instructions on this along with details on logging in to Zoom, please see our "How do I install, log in, and use Zoom?" FAQ.

New and Updated Zoom Features and Enhancements

View a summary on the most pertinent new features and enhancements to Zoom Meetings. If interested, visit Zoom's Support Page for complete Release Notes

Below are a few links for more information on how to get started using Zoom.


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