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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere uses standard web technology to gather live responses. This technology, which works through texting and the web, offers a cost-effective polling option for use with your academic classes. UNI has a site-wide license for academic classes that allows for more advanced features than the "free" version of Poll Everywhere.

For more information about Poll Everywhere and how you could use it for your academic classes, please Contact eLearning Suite Support or call 273-5555.

To learn more about Poll Everywhere, see this 2 minute video on how it works.

NOTE: Poll Everywhere is ONLY to be used for UNI academic courses. Please DO NOT use for conferences, meetings, groups, etc. as it increases the cost for the product.

Apply for a Poll Everywhere Account

Poll Everywhere is available to all UNI faculty for use with their academic classes. To get an account, please Contact eLearning Suite Support and request that you want a Poll Everywhere account. Include information about how big your classes are and how much you plan on using it during the semester.

Download the Poll Everywhere App for PowerPoint

The Poll Everywhere app allows you to directly place your polls in your PowerPoint presentation. The Poll Everywhere app is compatible with Windows or Mac computers. 

Poll Everywhere Support and Tutorials

For help regarding the Poll Everywhere tool, please consult the Poll Everywhere FAQ. You may also want to view the Poll Everywhere guide on how to get started. If you still cannot find your answer, please Contact eLearning Suite Support  and we will respond to your issue within two business days.


See recommended syllabus statement

Amy Igou

"I adopted Poll Everywhere about 4 years ago to help students engage more fully during class. I had used i-clickers before but always dealt with students forgetting their device or giving their device to a friend. Poll Everywhere can be used with any device -- laptop, tablet or phone. A student only needs a basic cell phone in order to participate. The questions I use help provide feedback to me to see what concepts the students might not clearly understand. I give the students a score for the semester based on not only participation but correct answers. Bonus points are awarded for a higher percentage of participation. Besides questions over content, I use the anonymous questions for various survey items to get feedback on projects, etc." - Amy Igou, UNI Faculty Member

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