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Bb Learn Ultra NOW AVAILABLE to all interested instructors!

Choose Between Blackboard Learn ORIGINAL and Blackboard Learn ULTRA

For the Spring 2024 semester, you have the opportunity to convert your course to the new Blackboard Learn Ultra interface. Only PRIMARY instructors will be allowed to make the request for their Spring course to be moved to Ultra. All Spring 2024 courses will initially be created in Blackboard Learn Original. To convert your Spring course to Ultra, please fill out this form for each section that you want to teach in the Ultra interface. If you plan on using Ultra in the Spring, please do NOT make any changes to the Spring 2024 Blackboard Learn Original course until we have completed the conversion process to Ultra for you.

Register for Our Workshop to Assist You With Migrating Your Course Materials

If you make the choice to migrate your courses to Blackboard Learn Ultra, we strongly advise that you register for the workshop, “Transfer Your Blackboard Learn Original Course Materials to Blackboard Learn ULTRA”. Current dates for this workshop include October 26 at 1pm, October 31 at 10am, and November 8 at 3:15pm.

Helpful Resources as You Transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra

In addition to workshop opportunities to learn more about ULTRA (See the section below titled, “Professional Development Opportunities”), please note the following helpful resources:

Also, if you choose to convert your courses to Blackboard Learn Ultra for the Spring 2024 semester, you will be automatically enrolled in our “UNI Blackboard Learn Ultra Community” (a UNI Blackboard Organization course).

January Faculty Focus – Blackboard Learn ULTRA Workshops

Workshops are scheduled from January 8 - 12, 2024 to address Blackboard Learn ULTRA. Seating is limited to 20 participants. See the Faculty Workshop Calendar for more details. A link to register online is available within each workshop’s description.