UNI eLearning Suite

Welcome to the Start of the Spring 2024 Semester!

A few reminders for the start of the semester for all UNI users:

Need help with Blackboard (Bb) Learn, Panopto, or any of the other UNI eLearning Suite tools: Please visit our documentation or complete/submit the 'Contact eLearning Suite Support' form.

Instructors: You must make your Bb Learn course 'Available or Open' to students in order for them to have access to it. Information and directions are located in the "How Do I Make My Blackboard Learn Course Available to Students?" FAQ.

Students: Use of UNI's Bb Learn System is based on the instructor's discretion. Although all UNI classes have a Bb Learn course by default, the instructor can decide whether or not to utilize it. Students must be enrolled in the class and the instructor must have made the course 'Available or Open' in order for you to have access. If your course is set to 'Private or Unavailable', please contact the instructor of the class to see if they are using Bb Learn and if they have made their course 'Available or Open' to students.

Students: Trouble accessing Panopto video from your Bb Learn course(s)?: If you click on a Panopto video link in your Blackboard (Bb) Learn course and get the "You do not have access to view this session" error message, please visit our announcement about this issue and the steps you can take that should fix it.