UNI eLearning Suite

About UNI eLearning

What is UNI eLearning?

UNI eLearning is the name given to UNI's centrally supported Learning Management System (LMS). UNI eLearning is a web-based interface for developing a customized learning environment that supports traditional, hybrid, and distance learning courses. UNI eLearning provides restricted access to pre-made course tools for managing a course syllabus, calendar, email, chat, discussions, course content, assessment, and grading. UNI eLearning allows easy creation of and access to online courses with an Internet connection and standard web browser. No special client-side software is necessary.

How is UNI eLearning used?

UNI eLearning can be used to create entire online courses, as an online medium for delivering hybrid courses, or to publish materials that supplement existing face-to-face courses.

What is the cost of UNI eLearning?

There is no direct cost to you. The University has a site license for the server software. Because UNI eLearning uses no software on the faculty or student end other than a browser, you don't need to purchase any additional software.

What are some features of UNI eLearning?

A course tool is a feature supplied by UNI eLearning that can be incorporated into any course. Examples of tools include: discussion boards, chat, assessment, gradebook, assignments, announcement, calendar, and more.

Who manages the UNI eLearning System?

The Instructional Technologies team is responsible for applying best-practices in managing the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and making decisions that represent the interests of the students, staff, and faculty using the LMS at UNI.


If you have any questions or concerns about UNI eLearning, please contact us via Contact eLearning Support.