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Videos and Bb Learn

While Blackboard (Bb) Learn has an option to upload videos directly into a course, this practice is highly discouraged as it causes very large courses and ultimately raises the cost of making courseware available to students. The Bb Learn system was never meant to be a video streaming service. Panopto, on the other hand, is designed to do exactly that and also offers a number of integrated features to complement your videos. Furthermore, Panopto integrates with Bb Learn, providing a secure interface to make your videos accessible to only your students within your course. Even if you are not creating your videos using the Panopto Recorder, your videos can (and should) be uploaded to the Panopto server. If you’ve uploaded videos directly to your Bb Learn course rather than using the Panopto integration, your course is likely to catch our attention and we will reach out to you, asking you to work with one of our Educational Technologists to learn the preferred method. If you have videos stored directly in your Bb Learn course(s), we encourage you to proactively request a consultation. The ETMS Instructional Technology team thanks you for doing your part to keep the costs of our eLearning technologies as low as possible to students while allowing us to provide a robust tool set to enhance teaching and learning.


Panopto for Instructors

Benefits of Using Panopto for Video Content

Using Panopto for Student Video Assignments

The integration of Panopto within Bb Learn allows course instructors to provide a "video dropbox" for students to submit videos for assignments. Students can create videos using Panopto, their phone, or any number of other tools. There are two different options regarding how to set up the dropbox for video submissions. Please visit our help page to see an explanation for each and to learn more once you've determined which method is appropriate for you and your students.