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Video Assignment Submissions Using Panopto in Bb Learn

The integration of Panopto within Bb Learn allows course instructors to provide a "video dropbox" for students to submit videos for assignments. Students can create videos using Panopto, their phone, or any number of other tools. There are two different options regarding how to set up the dropbox for video submissions. Please read the explanation for each below and note the differences:

OPTION 1: How to Create a Video Assignment Using Bb Learn's Assignment Tool

Option 1 offers the advantage of integrating with the Bb Learn Assignment tool, and therefore integrates with the Bb Grade Center as well. It utilizes the feature called "Panopto Student Video Submission" accessed in Mashups within the content editor of the Bb Learn Assignment tool. This feature automatically provides assignment instructions giving guidance to students on how to complete the video assignment submission. Additionally, when the first student submits his/her video assignment, a "Student Submissions" subfolder is automatically generated in that course's Panopto folder that will contain all the students' video submissions.

Please note: If you wish for students to be able to see each others' submitted videos, you will need to go with Option 2. Consistent with normal operation of the Bb Assignment tool, Option 1 does not allow students to see one anothers' assignment submissions. Note the optional step 6 which addresses how to set the folder to allow students to view one another's videos.

Learn more about Option 1.

OPTION 2: How to Manually Add a Panopto Video Assignment Folder within Bb Learn

This option offers the possibility to edit folder settings to allow students to see each others' submitted videos. The link below instructs you on how to manually set up a student video dropbox subfolder in your course's primary Panopto folder. 

Learn more about Option 2.

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