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Using the Blackboard Learn Retention Center Effectively

The Blackboard Learn Retention Center is essential in checking the overall academic health of your class. With just a glance, you can discover who needs your help and their specific areas of difficulty. You can email at-risk students right away and flag those you want to monitor more closely. As you continue to observe their progress and send emails, you can also track this correspondence and make notes about each student. Log into Blackboard Learn to get started learning about this awesome tool!

For an overview of the Retention Center, view the following support materials from Blackboard Learn:

Navigating to the Retention Center

1. Log into Blackboard Learn and navigate to a course. 

2. From the "Course Management" menu, click on "Evaluation". Then, click "Retention Center". 

screenshot of Retention center link under course management menu

Exploring the Retention Center

1. At the top of the screen, a red bar will show you how many students are at risk. Click it to get a breakdown of why these students are at risk (missed deadlines, did not log in, low activity in course, etc.)

screenshot of red bar of total students at risk

2. If you would like to email these students directly, click on a bar section and select the "Notify" option. This will bring you to the Email tool within Blackboard Learn and will automatically fill in the names of the at-risk students. Additionally, you can keep track of the messages sent and received using this tool within the Retention Center. Note: Students will NOT be able to see the names of other students in the email. 

screenshot of breakdown of at risk students and notify option

3. In the main table, there are 4 alert columns by default; those for students that have missed deadlines, have low grades, have low activity in the course, who those who haven't accessed the course in a while. Click on a student's name to see their specific details. 

screenshot of main retention center table

4. In the right sidebar, you can see any students you have chosen to monitor. Click on a student's name in the main table to view monitoring options. 

screenshot of students you are monitoring section

Exploring Specific Student Details

1. After clicking on a student's name, you can see exactly how many deadlines they missed, how well they are performing against the rest of the class, as well as how much they've participated in the course. Additionally, you can see the last time they accessed your course. 

2. Click on the star underneath a student's name to monitor them more closely. Their details will pop up automatically in the right sidebar the next time you open up the grade center. 

screenshot of monitor button

3. You can also email a student directly by clicking on the "Notify" button below the student's name. Any correspondence you have will the student will show up in the section below their retention center details. 

screenshot of notify button

4. You can also add personal notes about the student by clicking on the "Add a note" link. Students will never be able to view any notes you make about them here. 

screenshot of add note button

Customizing the Retention Center Rules

1. Navigate back to the main Retention Center screen. 

2. In the top-right corner, click on the button "Customize".

screenshot of customize button

3. To edit a current rule, mouseover the name of a rule and click on the grey chevron to open the options menu. Then, click "Edit". 

screenshot of the edit rule option

4. To create a new rule, click on the "Create Rule" button in the top left corner of the screen. Then, pick whether you would like to create a course access rule, course activity rule, grade rule, or a missed deadline rule. 

screenshot of create rule button

5. Give the rule a name and decide whether you would like it to appear in the main table in the Retention Center. Then, make any additional edits to the details of the rule. Don't forget to hit "Submit" at the bottom of the page once you have made your changes. 

screenshot of submit button

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