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UNI eLearning

What are some test taking tips for eLearning/Blackboard?

1. Use a reliable internet connection and avoid using a wireless internet connection.

2. Do not open any other browser window or application for the duration of your exam session, unless your exam requires you to view a hyperlink.

3. Do not click outside of the test—including the navigation on the left side panel in eLearning (Blackboard).

4. Do not click on any browser navigation such as the Back, Forward, or Home buttons.

5. Do not use the scroll wheel on the mouse as this will sometimes inadvertently change answers.

6. Always click the Save Answer button before you go to the next question. For further assurance, also click on Save All Answers before submission. Be certain you do not inadvertently click the Save and Submit button, located next to the Save All Answers button, before you have completed the entire assessment.

7. When ready to submit, click on the Save and Submit button just once. If your internet connection is slow, you may think the quiz is not being sent. Wait at least 3-5 minutes for a confirmation that your quiz was received.

8. If your exam has a time limit, the time begins when you start the exam and continues to run even if you exit the exam or lose connection. 

9. Depending on the exam's settings, leaving and reentering might automatically submit the test. 

10. If you experience difficulty, immediately notify your instructor.

11. For more information, please visit the following help article: