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UNI eLearning

Students: New Features and Enhancements for Fall 2014

The UNI eLearning team will be installing the "April 2014 Release" on Thursday, August 7, 2014.

Below is an explanation of the new Student features and enhancements that are available after the installation of the "April 2014 Release". Please visit the "To learn more" links for more information, tutorials, or videos.


Profile Updates: The Enhanced Cloud Profile provides users with their first professional profiles. The added features help users demonstrate competencies they have developed through their educational journeys in a visual and uniquely compelling way. To learn more, see Profiles.

My Grades: The look and feel of My Grades has been updated. You can now view feedback by clicking View Feedback. To learn more, see My Grades.

Grading: Blackboard has made two improvements to grading which include:

  • Anonymous Grading: Instructors can hide student names from submitted assignments for anonymous grading. To learn more, see Submit Assignments.

  • Delegated Grading: Multiple graders may be assigned to grade your assignments to eliminate bias. Instructors can allow students to see feedback from more than one grader. To learn more, see Submit Assignments.