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Blackboard Product Feedback

Community participation is a critical part of Blackboard's process to solve the challenges within their products. To fill out a Product Feedback form and share your ideas with the Blackboard Product Management team, follow the instructions below. 

To begin, you must have a Blackboard Community account. If you do not have a Blackboard Community account, visit our Blackboard Community for Faculty page to learn how to register. 

NOTE: Blackboard Community credential information (username and password) is not maintained and/or affiliated in any way with the UNI campus. UNI is not able to provide users with Blackboard Community credential information nor will UNI be able to reset passwords for users for the Blackboard Community Site.

Submitting an idea to Blackboard Product Feedback:

  1. Go to the the Blackboard Community site.
  2. Login using your Blackboard Community credentials.
  3. Once you've successfully logged into the Blackboard Community site, click on the Product Engagement drop-down option. Under the 'Product Feedback' heading on the left-hand side, select the 'Submit an Idea' option.
  4. Complete the form's information.
  5. For the 'Select Product' option, UNI uses the 'Learn' product. For the Learn Version, select the 'Learn Original 9.1' option.
  6. Make sure you click the 'Submit' button to submit your feedback.

IMPORTANT: If you receive an error message similar to "An unexpected error has occurred" when you click on the Submit an Idea option, this is usually an indication that you have not logged into the Blackboard Community site first. Make sure you have logged into the Blackboard Community site first before clicking on the Submit an Idea option. 

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