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UNI eLearning

UNI Users: Trouble logging into UNI eLearning?

Your username and password for UNI eLearning is set to your CatID. Use the same username and password you use for MyUNIverse and UNI Email. If you are having trouble logging into UNI eLearning, please try logging into MyUNIverse.

For security reasons, your CatID password expires every 90 days. If your CatID has expired, you will first need to log into MyUNIverse with your username and expired password. Once you have changed your password and can successfully log into MyUNIverse, use the same username and new password to log into UNI eLearning.

If you need assistance with your CatID username or password, contact the Computer Consulting Center (CCC) via one of the options listed at

A self-service feature is available that allows users the ability to securely reset their own CatID password at any time. For more information, please visit: