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UNI eLearning

Welcome UNI Students

UNI Students:
Welcome to a new school year... and a new version of the UNI eLearning System!

All Fall 2011 courses with an eLearning component will be on the new version of the UNI eLearning System, Bb Learn 9. Login instructions are located at:

Note: Use of the UNI eLearning System is based on the instructor's discretion so not all of your courses will have an eLearning component. If you have questions about an eLearning component for one of your classes, please contact the Instructor of the class for more information.

Student eLearning Training course
All students registered for a Fall 2011 courses at UNI have access to an online Blackboard Student Orientation Course from their eLearning My Courses list. The course provides a comprehensive resource that prepares students to operate in the Blackboard Learn course environment.

The Orientation Course is an optional, non-facilitated, self-paced course designed specifically for student users. The course takes approximately 15-20 hours to complete and equips students on the essential skills and knowledge to achieve success as a student in the Blackboard Learn course environment.

Additional student help resources are available at: