UNI eLearning

Login Instructions for all UNI users

UNI students, faculty, and staff will use their CatID username and passphrase for accessing the UNI eLearning (Blackboard Learn) System:

  1. Navigate to http://elearning.uni.edu/ or click on "eLearning" in the header of UNI's homepage (www.uni.edu).
  2. In the "UNI eLearning Login" section, click on the CATID SignOn link.
    CatID SignOn
  3. Enter your CatID username.
  4. Enter your CatID passphrase.
  5. Click the "LOGIN" button.

NOTE: If you do not know what your CatID Username or Passphrase/Password is, please contact the Service Desk by calling 319-273-5555. The Service Desk is located in Room 36 of the Innovative Teaching and Technology Center. Consultants are available to provide hands-on assistance during University business hours.

For more information on your CatID, please http://www.uni.edu/its/support/article/708