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Issues accessing Panopto System and Panopto Recorder

Issue Resolved!

With the upgrade to Blackboard Learn Release 3700.3.0 on June 6, 2019, users can again log directly into UNI's Panopto System and the Panopto Recorder without first having to log into Blackboard Learn.


Issue: Users trying to access UNI's Panopto System or the Panopto Recorder application may experience issues logging in. Instead of being taken to the Panopto interface, users are simply logged into the Blackboard Learn interface.

IT staff are investigating the issue; however a workaround is available to log into the UNI Panopto System and/or the Panopto Recorder.


  1. Log into the UNI Blackboard Learn System as normal.
  2. Open a new tab within the same browser session.
  3. In that new browser tab, navigate to: https://panopto.uni.edu
  4. If you're brought to a User Sign-in screen, set "Sign in using" to "UNI Bb Learn" (should be the default option) then select the "Sign in" button as shown.
    Visual aid, Reference Step 4.
  5. To launch the Panopto Recorder, click on the "Create" button and select 'Record a new session'.
    Launch Panopto Recorder from web browser Panopto interface
  6. Click "Open Panopto" button. (If the "Open Panopto' button is not clickable, then you may need to install the Panopto Recorder by clicking the "Download Panopto" button.)

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