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How do I allow a student another test attempt?

Note: Please do NOT use the "Clear Attempt" button. The "Clear Attempt" button will delete all of the all information and data associated with the student's attempt; and thus all the data we need to investigate the issue.

To "Ignore" a test attempt:

  1. In the Grade Center, locate the cell for the student and the test.
  2. In the "Options" menu for that cell, select "View Grade Details".
  3. On the Grade Details screen, you should see the student's attempt(s).
  4. To the right of each attempt, you should see 3 or 4 buttons. Please click the "Ignore Attempt" button.
  5. This will require the student to start the test from the beginning with full time within the current availability settings.

If the Test Availability period has ended, please use the "Test Availability Exceptions" section in Test Options. For one-on-one assistance with test exceptions, please contact the Instructional Technologies team via Contact eLearning Support.