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Helpful Resources for Students New to Blackboard Learn

General Help:

Getting Started:

     Bb FAQ about Blackboard Learn - Blackboard Learn help

     uni Logging into Blackboard Learn - UNI eLearning help

Understanding the Activity Stream:

     Bb  Activity Stream - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Activity Stream in Blackboard Learn - YouTube video help

Navigating outside of a course:

     Bb ULTRA: Easy Navigation - Blackboard Learn help

Navigating inside a Blackboard Learn course:

     Bb Navigation inside a Course - Blackboard Learn help

Accessing content your instructor has posted:

     Bb Types of Course Content - Blackboard Learn help

Viewing grades:

     Bb Grades - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Check Grades in Blackboard Learn - YouTube video help

Viewing announcements:

     Bb Announcements - Blackboard Learn help

Accessing alternative formats of assignments:

     Bb Alternative Formats - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Ally for Students - YouTube video help

Using the Blackboard Learn mobile app

     Bb Blackboard App Help - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube The Blackboard App Tour - YouTube video help

Types of Course Content

Submitting an assignment:

     Bb Submit Assignments - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Submit an Assignment - YouTube video help

Taking tests/quizzes:

     Bb Tests and Surveys - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Test Overview - YouTube video help

Using discussion boards:

     Bb Discussions - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Use Discussions - YouTube video help

Sending email within a course:

     Bb Email - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube How to Send Email in Blackboard Learn - YouTube video help

Using blogs:

     Bb Blogs - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Create and Edit Blog Entries - YouTube video help

Using journals:

     Bb Journals - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube How to Create and Comment on Journal Entries - YouTube video help

Working in student groups:

     Bb Groups - Blackboard Learn help

     youtube Work in Student Groups - YouTube video help

Managing Your Personal Information

Creating or editing a "profile":

     Bb Ultra Base Profile Setup - Support Document on UNI eLearning Suite website

     youtube Your Profile in Blackboard Learn - YouTube video help

Changing notification settings:

     Bb Notification settings in Blackboard Learn - Support Document on UNI eLearning Suite website

Changing privacy settings:

     Bb Privacy Settings in Blackboard Learn - Support Document on UNI eLearning Suite website

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