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Get Started with Panopto Capture

UNI Panopto users, whether instructors or students, may use Panopto Capture as an alternative to Panopto's desktop application. To use in conjunction with your UNI Panopto account,  Panopto Capture is accessed either via the "Create" menu either: 1) using the "Panopto Content" link in the Bb Learn "Tools" list within your course (see screenshots below), OR 2) by logging in directly to panopto.uni.edu (Be sure to leave the sign in dropdown set to "UNI Bb Learn").


Option 1: Interface via your Bb Learn course

screenshot showing Tools in left-hand navigation and the Panopto Content link within Tools 

screenshot showing Create button via BbLearn course in Panopto Content


 Option 2: Interface via logging in directly to panopto.uni.edu

screenshot showing Create button in panopto.uni.edu interface


Create Menu

Create menu showing the Panopto Capture option


Why Might You Want to Use Panopto Capture?


Panopto Capture allows you to easily record audio, video, screens and/or applications and is browser-based. So there's no need to download any software or install an app. Record yourself presenting from your webcam alongside visuals from your computer screens and other connected recording devices, with just a few clicks. Use it to capture and narrate presentations, lessons, product demonstrations, and how-to videos. Panopto Capture allows for virtual backgrounds or blurring of your background. It also includes an auto-tracking Smart Camera that keeps you centered in the frame when you move around.


screenshot showing the Panopto Capture interface


Learn How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture


Panopto Support has provided a how to video and written documentation to get you started with Panopto Capture. Request a consultation with IT-Educational Technology & Media Services' Educational Technologists for additional assistance.


Screenshot showing Panopto Support Site





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