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Mobile vs Desktop Navigation of Blackboard Learn

Please be aware that your Ultra Base Navigation experience may change when switching between mobile and desktop views.

One of the more discrete changes happens when the Course Menu collapses while working within a course. When in a desktop view, the left side navigation (Course Menu) will not appear unless the cursor is hovered over the marked region. This bar only appears here in the desktop view and stays even if monitor has a narrow view. 
Desktop Collapse Menu

When using a Mobile medium, a new icon will appear and replace the previously mentioned bar. Toggle the shown arrow icon to expand the course content menu. Clicking the Icon again will collapse the menu. This may also occur when viewing content on a desktop computer with a small monitor or in a window that has been sized down.

Mobile Collapse Option

If you have any issues with the functionality of this feature please contact us at our UNI Servicehub.

Scheduled Maintenance

No planned maintenance at this moment