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How long do courses stay on the Blackboard Learn System?

Per the University's 1.07 Records Retention Policy, Blackboard Learn academic courses created from the Student Information System (SIS) will remain on the Blackboard Learn System for 3 years after the semester has ended. At that point, a course level archive will be created and then the course deleted from the Blackboard Learn System. The archive will be stored for an additional 2 years.

What you need to do:


Nothing! All courses will be individually backed up before they are removed from the system and stored for an additional 2 years as part of the Records Retention Policy. If you would like to backup your own courses, please complete both of the following steps:

  1. Archive - create a backup of the course
  2. Download the archive to a secure local storage


If you need copies of your work and do not have a local copy on your device(s), you should download any submitted files or content needed from your available courses when the semester is completed. If you do not have access to a course, please contact the Instructor of the course. Instructors control the availability of their Blackboard Learn courses.