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Can I tell if my students watched my Panopto video?

1. Log into Blackboard and open your course. From the left sidebar, click on the "Tools" link. Then, click on "Panopto Content". For detailed instructions on how to configure your course for Panopto, visit the "How do I configure a Blackboard Learn course for Panopto" FAQ.

2. Hover your mouse over a video. Then, click the "Stats" button.

screenshot showing stats button

3. The first graph will show you how many students viewed your videos for each day. The default view is the last 30 days, but you can select a different timeframe from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the window.

screenshot showing the graph of the total number of views

4. The second graph displays how long your students watched your video. It also shows how many students made notes or comments on your videos and at what time. For more information on how students and instructors can take timestamped notes in Panopto, visit the "How do I create timestamped notes in a Panopto video?" FAQ.

screenshot showing the minutes watched by students

5. The last graph will show you the usernames of students who viewed your video, the number of times they viewed your video, the amount of time they watched, and if they made any notes or comments. 

screenshot showing graph of student usernames

Note: To return to the full list of your Panopto videos, click the back button. 

screenshot showing back button


For additional information, please visit Panopto's Learn About Folder and Session Level Statistics page.

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