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How do I publish a Respondus test to a Blackboard Course?

1. Launch Respondus 4.0 on you Windows based device.

2. Select Respondus test you want to publish to Blackboard Learn (or create/pull a new one).

Screenshot showing how to open or create a new test file

3. Once you have selected a test, click on the "Preview + Publish" tab.

Click on the preview and publish tab

4. From the sidebar, click on "Publish" and then click on "Publish Wizard".

Screenshot showing where to click to get to the publish wizard

To connect to the Blackboard Learn System:

Note: You will only need to set up the connection to the UNI Blackboard Learn System once (steps 5-7). If you previously published tests using Respondus (before Blackboard's August 4th, 2018 migration to the cloud) but are currently experiencing problems connecting, you will need to delete the old server and reconfigure the newest server

5. Click on field next to "Blackboard Server". Select "-add new server-"

screenshot showing field where you can click on add new server

6. Make sure “Yes, check for preconfigured server settings” is selected and click the "Next" button.

8. Make sure “Yes, check for preconfigured server settings” is selected and click the "Next" button.

7. On the 'Preconfigured Server Settings Wizard' page, name the server whatever would make the most sense to you (i.e. "UNI Blackboard Learn or UNI Bb Learn"). Make sure to select "Skip connection test" before clicking "Next".

Screenshot showing where you name the server and where to skip the connection test

8. Once you click the "Next" button at the bottom, the following message should appear. Click OK.

Respondus Publish Wizard message indicating to Log into Blackboard using the browser window, then close the window and click OK to continue.

8.  This will launch the "Blackboard Authentication" window. Login into to Blackboard Learn in that window via the CatID link.

9. When you are successfully logged in, click the "Close After Login" button in upper right hand corner of that "Blackboard Authentication" window. As soon as you click "Close After Login", you'll see the same message you clicked OK on previously. DO NOT CLICK OK AGAIN YET! Read step #10 first.

Click the "Close After login" button at the top of the screen


10. **IMPORTANT**: At this point, WAIT ABOUT 30 SECONDS for the connection to be made to the Blackboard server. Then click the 'OK' button and WAIT AGAIN. Read step # 11 before doing anything else.

screen shot of message from Respondus 4.0 publishing to Bb Learn process


**IMPORTANT**: Wait again! The process will automatically advance to the next step. There is no need to click the 'Next' button.

11. This should return you to the "Publish Wizard" and automatically advance to the next screen where you can now select the Blackboard Learn course in the first drop down menu. Then click "Next".

screenshot showing where to Choose which course you would like to publish your respondus test too

12. Then, select the folder you want your test to appear in and click "Next".

Screenshot showing list of course folders to upload test to

13. After it finishes uploading your questions, click "Finish". Your test will have been uploaded to the folder you selected in the last step.

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