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How do I navigate Panopto through panopto.uni.edu?

1. Log into Panopto through panopto.uni.edu

2. From the sidebar menu, click on "Browse". Then select "My Folders" to see the courses you currently control. When you've located the course you would like to access, click on it to open the course folder.

screenshot of panopto side menu showing browse link

3. Mouseover your video to reveal more options, such as Settings, Edit, and Delete. 

screenshot showing hover settings

4. You can also select multiple videos by clicking the checkboxes, then using the bulk options at the top of the screen.

NOTE: The checkboxes only appear when your mouse is hovering the video you want to select. 

screenshot showing checkboxes and bulk options

5. For information on how to use subfolders and other ways to employ more organization to your Panopto course folders, please read the official Panopto support article

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