UNI eLearning Suite

How do I move a Panopto video(s) to another Panopto folder?

1. Navigate to Panopto and sign in using your CatID and passphrase.

2. On the left sidebar menu, click “Browse” and locate the folder that contains the video(s) you wish to move.

3. Hover over the desired video(s), then click the check box in the upper left hand side of each of the video(s) that you want to move. You can move one video or multiple videos.

Screenshot of checking boxes on videos to select them


4. Once the video(s) are selected, click 'Move'.

Screenshot of selected move button on top right of screen


5. Under the 'Move session(s) to' drop down menu, select a destination folder for the video(s). 

Screenshot of selected drop down menu for folders


6. Click the 'Move' button. Note: In this example, the new folder is 'UNI eLearning Suite.'

Screenshot of a selected move button at top right of screen


7. The videos are now moved into the destination folder. Note: This is indicated with green check marks and 'Done' in the top right. 

Screenshot of sessions successfully transferred

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