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How do I download Panopto onto my computer?


You will need to have 'Creator' access to a Panopto folder in order to use the Panopto Recorder.

Instructors: You can provision a Panopto folder from your Blackboard Learn course.

Students: Your instructor would need to have created an 'Assignment' folder in order for you to record using the Panopto Recorder.

If you are using a university-owned computer: 

1. Search for and open the "Software Center" on your device. (Or "Self Service" on a Macintosh). 

2. Locate Panopto and click "Install". 

If you are downloading Panopto onto a home computer:

1. Log into Blackboard Learn and navigate to a course.

2. Click on the Tools Link in the left-sidebar menu. 

screenshot of the tools link

3. Click on "Panopto Content". 

screenshot of the link to Panopto Content

4. Click on the green "Create" button at the top of the screen, then pick "Record a new session". 

screenshot of create panopto video menu

5. A pop-up window will appear. Click on "Download Panopto" if you have not downloaded the application before. 

screenshot of download link

6. Open the .exe  file and follow the instructions. 

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