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How do I create appointment slots in a Google Calendar?

The appointment slots feature allows you to create time slots in your calendar. Other people are then able to book these time slots. As a professor, this function allows ease of creating & reserving time during office hours.

To create an appointment slot in Google Calendar:

Watch this informational video on How to Create an Appointment Slot in Google Calendar, as well as linking it to blackboard and some tips and tricks to help your students. 

1. Login to your UNI email account, which is automatically linked with Google.
2. Navigate to Google Calendar by either:

  • Navigating to Google Calendar directly
  • Go to any Google page. In the top-right corner of the screen, click the grid icon, then click Calendar.

screenshot showing the grid of google apps. Calendar is highlighted

3. Click the calendar for when you want office hours to start. Next, click and drag the time slot down until the desired end time. (If you want to move the entire time slot, put your mouse cursor in the center of the slot and drag it.)

screenshot showing how to click and drag calendar event

4. In the options box, add an appropriate title. Click the box that says "Appointment slots". Make sure the time parameters are correct. Change the time allotted for each time slot if desired. Click "Save".

screenshot showing the event name and where to select the appointment slots option

Edit/Add more information

1. Click on the event you created and click on the pencil icon. 

screenshot of newly created office hours appointment slot          screenshot of editing appointment slot

2. To make the appointment slot repeat, click on the dropdown box (default value "Does not repeat").

screenshot showing event repeat menu

3. Add more information about the location & description of the time slot under “Event Details”.

screenshot showing the event details options

4. If someone else will be present at the appointment, you can add them as guests.

screenshot showing where to enter guests

Sharing the Appointment Slots

1. Click on the time slot, then click on the pencil button.

screenshot showing how to open the edit menu for an event          screenshot of editing appointment slot

2. Under “Event Details”, look for a blue link titled “This calendar's appointment page”. Right click the link, and select Copy link address.

screenshot showing how to copy the link address

Adding Links to Appointment Slots in Blackboard

1. Login to Blackboard Learn.

2. Navigate to your course. Find the desired location of posting, then hover your mouse cursor over “Build Content”. Then, select "Web Link".

screenshot showing how to add a web link to a blackboard course

3. Enter a name, such as “Open Office Hours”, then paste the appointment link in the URL field (CTRL + V). Finally, click "Submit".

4. The link will now appear in your course. When students click on this link, they will be able to book an appointment slot within your scheduled hours.


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