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How do I create and share a Google Calendar?

Create a Calendar

1. Login to your UNI email account, which is automatically linked with Google.

2. Navigate to Google Calendar by either:

  • Going to Google Calendar directly.
  • Go to any Google page. In the top-right corner of the screen, click the grid icon, then click Calendar.

screenshot showing grid of google apps. Calendar is highlighted

3. On the left side of the page, click the plus symbol (+), then select New calendar.

screenshot showing how to create a new calendar

4. Enter a name for the calendar (such as the class name & section, or course number), then select Create calendar.

Customize & Get the Embed Link

1. Under “My calendars”, mouse over the calendar you want to add. Next, click the vertical ellipsis. "Finally, select Settings and sharing".

screenshot showing setting and sharing menu after clicking the three dots next to a calendar

2. Under “Access permissions”, check the box next to "Make available for University of Northern Iowa". 

screenshot of UNI permissions selected

To Embed a Google Calendar:

3. Scroll down until you see “Integrate calendar”. Select Customize.

screenshot showing embed code and customize option

4. Using the options on the left side of the screen, customize your calendar as desired.

5. Once you are ready to embed, click Update HTML at the top of the screen.

6. Select all the code in the text area, then right click and select Copy (alternatively, use Ctrl + C).

Note: Professors can embed Google Calendars into their Blackboard courses. By embedding a Google Calendar into Blackboard, you are able to display due dates and other events to students. The students can add this to their personal Google Calendar as well. For full instructions, visit the UNI eLearning Suite FAQ.

To get Sharable Link to a Google Calendar:

7. Under "Access permissions", click on "Get Sharable Link" in the bottom right corner. Click on "Copy Link" to copy the link to your clipboard.

screenshot showing the get shareable link button

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