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How do I configure a Blackboard Learn course for Panopto?


1. In the Blackboard Learn course that you want to provision a Panopto folder(s), click on "Tools" in the left hand Course Menu

screenshot of tools link

2. Click "Panopto Content".

screenshot of panopto content link

3. Press "Configure".

screenshot of configure button

4. Click "Add Course to Panopto".

screenshot of Add course to panopto button

5. Click "Return to Course".

Configuring multiple class sections for Panopto

If you have already configured Panopto, but need to adjust which Panopto folders your Bb Learn course has permission or access to:

6. Go to the Tools page and select Panopto Content (Steps 1-3).

7. At the bottom of the page, click on the "Re-Configure" button.

screenshot showing re-configure button

9. In the next window, you'll see the screen has been split into two different box. The 'Available Folders' box on the left lists all of the Panopto folders you have access to as an Instructor. The 'Selected Folders' box on the right are the Panopto folders your students in this course will have access to.

10: To adjust which Panopto folder(s) this Blackboard Learn course and its students can access or have permission to:

a. Click on a Panopto folder name to select it.

b. Click "Add >>" button to move the Panopto folder from the 'Available Folders' box on the left to the 'Selected Folders' box on the right.
    Click the "<< Remove" button to move the Panopto folder from the 'Selected Folders' box on the right to the the 'Available Folders' box on the left.

c. Click the "Submit' button in lower right hand corner to save your changes.

screenshot showing how to add courses

screenshot showing how to remove course folders