UNI eLearning Suite

How do I change my Course List view?

All users can now view the Courses page as either a list or a grid. To switch between the two options, select one of the highlighted buttons shown below:

Images for List to Grid Toggle

In the Grid (Course Card) view, the system will assign a random image to the course card. The Instructor(s) of the course has the option to personalize this image for each of their courses.



You have the option to customize the image on your course cards that you and your students see in the Grid (Course Card) view. By default, the system assigns a random nature image to your course(s).

Course Cards Base Image

To personalize/customize your course card image:

1) Hover your cursor over the course card image you would like to change. Then, select the pencil icon shown in the image below.

Step one to Card Edit

2) Select the button that says "Add new image". You will be taken to your file explorer from which you will select your desired image. The image must be greater than 1200x300 and be appropriate for a classroom environment; else the image will be rejected.

Cards change, step 2

3) If the image is accepted, you'll see a small circular progress indicator showing the status of the upload.
  in progress bar 
Once uploaded, the progress icon will disappear and the upload will be complete. That's it, the course card image has been changed. That course card image is now immediately visible by anyone who is enrolled in the course.

If you were to accidentally upload the wrong image, please click the pencil icon again and click the "Reset to default image" button. This will return the course card image to the default image.