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How do I change my Course List view?

All users can now view the Courses page as either a list or a grid. To switch between the two options, select one of the highlighted buttons shown below:

Images for List to Grid Toggle

In the Grid (Course Card) view, the system will assign a random image to the course card. The Instructor(s) of the course has the option to personalize this image for each of their courses.



You have the option to customize the image on your course cards that you and your students see in the Grid (Course Card) view. By default, the system assigns a random nature image to your course(s).

Course Cards Base Image


Known Issue - Current Workarounds & Additional Details - Updated 6/21/2019

In Grid View (Course Card), you can customize the image of your course cards.. This image now replaces the current course banner or adds a banner to your course if one isn't already used. This is an intended feature moving forward. The issue occurs because Blackboard course card images and course banner images currently have different size requirements. This forces the images to be cropped and resized according to the requested sizes.

Let's use the following images as an example here. Image 1 below was originally 4000x3000. Currently, if you were to upload Image 1 as a course card, the image would be cropped as shown in Image 2. Everything that is covered by the red rectangle in Image 2 would be displayed as the course card. Additionally, since a large image was used, your course banner will display the entire image on your course entry page. Image 3 is a small example of what you can expect if you currently upload an image of great size.

Image 1

Example Course Card Image. WC DNR

Image 2

Example image displaying effective range. WC DNR

Image 3

Example of image in course. WC DNR




If you wish to take advantage of custom course cards.

  • Image size 1200x300: Size your images as close to ≥ 1200x300 pixels/resolution as possible.
  • Design from the center out: Place important text and details towards the center of the image. This is to ensure desired details are displayed on the course card after cropping. See the red rectangle in Image 2.
  • Design with Course Banner in mind: Remember, your image will be displayed as a course banner as well as a cropped course card.


To personalize/customize your course card image:

1) Hover your cursor over the course card image you would like to change. Then, select the three dot icon shown in the image below.

screenshot of three dot icon selected in red

2) From the drop down menu, click "Edit course image".

screenshot of edit course image selected in red

3) Select the button that says "Add new image". You will be taken to your file explorer from which you will select your desired image. *Until the current bug is resolved try to keep your course card around 1200x300 pixels*. Also note that this image will be posted to your course dashboard as a banner.

screenshot of add new image button selected in red

4) If the image is accepted, you'll see a small circular progress indicator showing the status of the upload.
  in progress bar 

5) Once uploaded, the progress icon will disappear and the upload will be complete. If you are happy with how the picture looks, click the 'Save' button at the bottom right of the screen as shown below. 

screenshot of save button selected in red

If you were to accidentally upload the wrong image, please repeat steps 1 & 2 and then click the "Reset to default image" button. This will return the course card image to the default image.

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