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How do I add a Panopto assignment folder so my students can create and upload videos?

The assignment folder functions as a drop box, where students can upload their own files into a subfolder of a course’s Panopto folder. Before creating an assignment folder, your class must have a Panopto folder.

1. Login to Blackboard Learn and navigate to your course.

2. Click on "Tools" on the left navigation bar.

screenshot of tools link

3. Click "Panopto Content".

screenshot of panopto content link

4. Click on "Settings" (the gear icon) in the top-right corner.

screenshot of gear icon

5. Click on "Create Assignment Folder".

screenshot of create assignment folder link

6. Students will now be able to select this Assignment Folder when creating or uploading a video to Panopto. For more information, students can view this video tutorial on creating and uploading videos to Panopto