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Can I merge my Blackboard Learn sections into one?

For example:
If I teach three sections of "GEOG 1110 World Geography" and I want to have only a single Bb Learn course for all three sections, can those be merged into a single Bb Learn course.

At this time, "no" we are unable to offer this option on campus-wide basis. The UNI eLearning team is investigating Blackboard Learn's 'Merge Enrollments' Tool to see if it meets our needs, scalability, integration, etc. There are a number of FERPA concerns that have to be addressed as well as developing the business practice/processes and programing the technical processes before the 'merging of sections' is available to campus.

With the integration of the 'Blackboard Learn' Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS), we currently do not have the capability for instructors to merge sections at will.  You can use the "Copy Course" feature within the application to setup courses identically, but subsequently, you will need to make changes to each section independently by coping individual elements from one course to the other.

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