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Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release can be used within eLearning to control the release of content to students based on a set of rules created by the instructor. Rules may relate to availability, date and time, specific users, group membership, scores or attempts on any Grade Center item, calculated columns in Grade Center, or review status of an item in the course. Once any Adaptive Release rules have been established for an item, visibility of that item is restricted to those users who meet the criteria of those rules. If no Adaptive Release Rules have been created, the item is available to all users in the Course depending on the item availability and date restrictions set during item creation or editing. Adaptive Release Settings are accessible from an item’s action link (popup menu).

Select Adaptive Release image

Caution – If no additional Adaptive Release criterion are needed for an item, we suggest that you set availability dates only within the properties for the item itself rather than in the Adaptive Release settings (see image below). When dates are initially set in the item’s properties, these dates are automatically duplicated in the Adaptive Release settings. However, the reverse is not true. Setting the dates initially in Adaptive Release settings DOES NOT set the dates in the item’s properties. And when editing the dates in either location, the dates in the other location MAY NOT change to match, thus resulting in two different sets of release dates for the item.

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Understanding the Adaptive Release settings:

Detailed instructions for setting Adaptive Release Criteria can be found by clicking this link or from within your course by selecting Help in the Control Panel menu, then clicking “Blackboard Help”. Type “adaptive release” in the Search box.

Caution – Do NOT change the setting for section 3 (Grade), within the Adaptive Release settings, unless you want to base the release of the item on the students’ score for another item or on having completed an attempt of another item (see image below). A common mistake is made by instructors by setting the “Select a Grade Center Column” drop down menu to the name of the very item for which they’re setting Adaptive Release criteria. This will result in the item NEVER becoming available, as students would have to complete an attempt for an item which they cannot even access.

Adaptive Release Options image

Advanced Adaptive Release vs. the Basic Adaptive Release Option:

Basic Adaptive Release enables Instructors to create one rule for a single item. That rule can contain multiple criteria. Advanced Adaptive Release enables Instructors to create multiple rules for a single item. If an Instructor wants to create different criteria for different users on the same item, more than one rule is needed. For example, the Instructor can set up a rule for Group A that enables these users to view Test 1 after completing Assignment A. The Instructor can set up a separate rule for Group B that enables them to see Test 1 after completing Assignment B. 

Additional Resources:

  • Blackboard Learn Help for Instructors
    Searchable topics and step-by-step instructions to help you find the information that you need to design and teach your course in Blackboard Learn 9.1. Search for the words “Adaptive Release”.