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eLearning / Blackboard Mobile Apps

Blackboard has moved to creating role specific apps for their Blackboard Learn software (UNI eLearning). Find out which app is right for you:

Blackboard App (formally known as 'Bb Student'): lets students view and complete coursework while on the go.

Blackboard Instructor App: allows educators to manage courses, interact with students, and view content.

Bb Grader App: only available on iPad, this app makes grading easy!

Blackboard app icon Blackboard App

Information and Help for the Blackboard App

Key Features of the Blackboard App

  • Check grades and monitor course progress anytime and anywhere.
  • Shows smart view of prioritized events and actions.
  • View, complete, and submit assignments and tests.
  • Get notifications for upcoming tests, past due tests, and new grades.

Blackboard app FAQs

Find out what's new in the latest release of the Blackboard app

Instructor app icon Blackboard Instructor App

Information and help for the Blackboard Instructor App

Key features for the Blackboard Instructor App

  • Preview course items, assignments, and tests.
  • Participate in discussions.
  • Send announcements.
  • Interact with your class in Blackboard Collaborate.

BB Grader Icon Bb Grader App

Information and help for the Bb Grader App

Key Features of the Bb Grader App

  • View a detailed list of all submissions to any assignment and can sort submissions based on a category of information.
  • Provide feedback to students using the tablet’s microphone and camera to record audio and feedback.
  • Select an individual submission from the submissions listing page to view content.
  • Bb Grader includes some features from the retention center. View a student’s activity on any submission listing page.