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Create a course banner for my course

Adding a course banner to your Blackboard Learn course can add visual appeal. Course banners can be created fairly easily using PowerPoint. Below is an example of a banner created for use in a course. Please note Blackboard’s recommended image size is approximately 480 by 80 pixels.

Blackboard 101 sample banner; includes text with sample contact information

Should you create a banner which includes text, as with the example above, please note the text will be part of the image and will not be readable by a screen reader. Thus it is essential that you include details about this text in the Alt Text for the image. Alt Text (alternative text) is a word or phrase that can be inserted as an attribute in an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) document (web page) to tell Web site viewers the nature or contents of an image. The alt text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image. You will have an opportunity to add Alt Text when you upload the banner to Blackboard.

If you would like to learn how to create a banner using PowerPoint for your course, please follow the link for instructions. These instructions include details on uploading the banner to your course and how to add Alt Text.