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How do I copy an existing eLearning/Blackboard course to another course?

Important information (please read):

It is strongly suggested that you complete a "Course Copy" only once AND before you do any design work or add any content in the new course. Completing multiple course copies may result in duplication of content, course files, and Grade Center columns.

The course copy process is a complex one because every course is different, uses different course tools, and needs different items copied forward. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the Instructional Technologies team via Contact eLearning Support for one-on-one assistance with copying your UNI eLearning course(s).

All steps of a course copy are important, but being sure you are copying from the correct source course to the correct destination course is critical. A common, big mistake is users who mix up or select the wrong source or destination course. Be sure you start in the course you want to copy; NOT the course you are copying to.

Transitioning a eLearning Course for the Next Semester

For a series of preparatory steps to use when transitioning a UNI eLearning course from one semester to the next, click here.

How to Copy a Course Directions

  1. In the course you want to copy, go to the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click Course Copy.

    You should now be on the "Copy Course" screen. There are three steps:

    Step 1: Select Copy Type:
    The only option you have is: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course. "Copying Course Materials into an Existing Course" will add content to a Course, but it will not remove existing content. You can only copy materials into a Course where you have a role of Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Course Builder.

    Step 2: Select Copy Options:

    a) Destination Course ID:

    To select the Destination Course ID:

    1. Click the "Browse..." button.
    2. Select the radio button next to the Course ID/Course Name you want to COPY TO.
    3. Click the "Submit" button.

    b) Select Course Materials: Please check the box next to the course materials you want copied. Please also refer to the "Behavior of Copied Materials" section for more information.

    • If you want to copy the entire course, please click the "Select All" button. Note: Under "Settings", it should select only "Banner Image", "Language Pack", and "Navigation Settings". You can then uncheck tools that you do not want copied such as Announcements, Calendar, Adaptive Release Rules for Content, etc.
    • If you do NOT want the entire course, then please select the content areas and tools but keep in mind that some items may not copy unless you check the correct items together.

    Step 3: File Attachments: Most users can accept the default of "Limit package to only files linked into the selected content areas" being checked. If you have uploaded files that are NOT linked within your course and you would like to copy those files, then uncheck this box.

  2. Click the "Submit" button. You should receive a confirmation similar to this:
    Course Copy Confirmation
  3. Your Course Copy is complete. Please read the additional course copy information provided below.

Note:  While copying, the Course Availability of the source course will be applied to the destination course. If the destination course's availability is set to unavailable, but the original course is available, the destination course's availability will be changed.

Behavior of Copied Materials

Content: Course materials, including uploaded files, Learning Modules, and links are copied. Course Information, Course documents, Assignments and Web Links are optional.

Announcements: All Announcements are copied.

Tests, Surveys, and Pools: All Assessments and Surveys, including questions and options for deploying them are copied. All Pools are copied.

Calendar: All Calendar items are copied to the new Course.

Discussion Board: Discussion Board Forums, including the initial message in the forum, are copied.

Grade Center Items and Settings: Items in the Grade Center and their settings, such as type, categories, and display options, are copied.

Group Settings: Settings include the names of the Groups, the settings for tool availability, and the Discussion Board Forum names.

Contacts: All Contacts are copied.

Course Settings: When Course Settings is selected for "Copy into an Existing Course", the following settings are copied:

  • Blackboard Tools
  • Building Block Tools
  • Content Tools
  • Course Registry (internal generic settings)
  • Proxy Tools (notified)
  • When 'Availability' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Properties:Make Course Available
    • Term Association
  • When 'Banner Image' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Style: Banner Image
  • When 'Course Guest Access' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Guest and Observer Access:Allow Guest Access
  • When 'Course Observer Access' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Guest and Observer Access:Allow Observer Access
  • When 'Duration' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Properties:Continuous or Date Range
    • Customization/Properties:Start/End date
    • Customization/Properties:Days from the date of enrollment
    • Term Association
  • When 'Enrollment Options' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Enrollment Options: Instructor|Self Enrollment
    • Customization/Enrollment Options: Allow students flag
    • Customization/Enrollment Options: Start/End Date
    • Customization/Enrollment Options: Access Code
  • When 'Language Pack' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Properties:Language Pack
    • Customization/Properties:Enforced Language Pack
  • When 'Navigation Settings' is also selected then the following settings are also copied:
    • Customization/Style: Text or Buttons
    • Customization/Style: Foreground Color
    • Customization/Style: Background Color

Links: Links to parts of a Course that are not included in the copy will break when the links appear in the destination Course. For example, if there is a link to a Test in a Course area and Assessments are not copied, the link to the test will break.

Content Areas: Content from Course Menu Content Areas that have the same name in each course will be added in the same Content Area. Nothing will be removed from the destination course and replaced with content from the source course.

Copying Course Cartridge Content

Copy Protected Cartridge content is only copied if the Course Cartridge Materials option is selected.  This option only appears if there is Copy Protected Cartridge content in the Course. The destination Course maintains the availability settings for the source Course.

If the destination Course already has a Cartridge ID (meaning it already includes Copy Protected cartridge content), neither the cartridge content nor the Cartridge ID may be copied from the source Course to the destination Course. If the Course Cartridge Materials option is selected, the copy operation will be successful, but a note in the receipt states that the Course Cartridge Materials will not be copied.

If the source Course and the destination Course have the same Cartridge ID, the content may be copied successfully.