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Copy an existing Blackboard Learn course to another course

Important information (please read):

It is strongly suggested that you complete a "Course Copy" only once AND before you do any design work or add any content in the new course. Completing multiple course copies may result in duplication of content, course files, and Grade Center columns.

The course copy process is a complex one because every course is different, uses different course tools, and needs different items copied forward. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the Instructional Technologies team via Service Hub for one-on-one assistance with copying your Blackboard Learn course(s).

All steps of a course copy are important, but being sure you are copying from the correct source course to the correct destination course is critical. A common, big mistake is users who mix up or select the wrong source or destination course. Be sure you start in the course you want to copy; NOT the course you are copying to.

Copy an existing Blackboard Learn course to another course

View the full directions on Copy an existing Blackboard Learn course to another course.

Quick Instructions; How to Perform a Course Copy:

  1. In the course you want to copy, go to the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click Course Copy.

    You should now be on the "Copy Course" screen. There are three steps:

    Step 1: Select Copy Type:
    The only option you have is: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course. "Copying Course Materials into an Existing Course" will add content to a Course, but it will not remove existing content. You can only copy materials into a Course where you have a role of Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Course Builder.

    Step 2: Select Copy Options:

    a) Destination Course ID:

    To select the Destination Course ID:

    1. Click the "Browse..." button.
    2. Select the radio button next to the Course ID/Course Name you want to COPY TO.
    3. Click the "Submit" button.

    b) Select Course Materials: Please check the box next to the course materials you want copied. Please also refer to the "Behavior of Copied Materials" section for more information.

    • We recommend using "Select All", copying the entire course, unless you know a valid reason not to. 
    • Possible exceptions:
      • Announcements. It's common practice to uncheck announcements, as the same ones are rarely used for multiple courses.
      • Calender. Manually created calender entries are copied and must be updated or deleted.
      • Discussion boards. You may wish to uncheck this or, alternatively, keep it checked but change the option to "include only the forums, with no starter posts" (What is a starter post? The original post that established the thread).

    Step 3: File Attachments: Most users can accept the default of "Limit package to only files linked into the selected content areas" being checked. If you have uploaded files that are NOT linked within your course and you would like to copy those files, then uncheck this box.

  2. Click the "Submit" button. You should receive a confirmation similar to this:
    course copy complete
  3. Your Course Copy is complete. Please read the additional course copy information provided below.

Note:  While copying, the Course Availability of the source course will be applied to the destination course. If the destination course's availability is set to unavailable, but the original course is available, the destination course's availability will be changed.

Behavior of Copied Materials

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Copying Course Cartridge Content

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