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Blackboard Learn Release Notes

Blackboard Learn is usually updated monthly on the first Thursday of the month usually between 5 p.m.-7 p.m. CT. Please visit Blackboard Learn release schedule for specific dates.


Release 3800.0.0 - scheduled to be installed February 3, 2020

'Needs Grading' setting changed again, but will stick:

With this release, Blackboard Learn will remember instructors’ preferences for the Show attempts that don't contribute to user's grade filter on the Needs Grading page in the Original Course View. By default, the checkbox is unselected and student attempts that don’t affect grades won’t show on the Needs Grading list. When an instructor changes the setting, Learn will remember the preference across that user’s sessions and courses.


Release 3700.16.0 - installed December 5, 2019

No new features; only bug fixes.

Release 3700.14.0 - installed November 7, 2019

'Needs Grading' setting changed:

In the 'Needs Grading' tool, there is a setting called "Show attempts that don't contribute to user's grade". Prior to this November 7, 2019 upgrade, that setting's checkbox was "unchecked". This 3700.14.0 release changed that setting to now be "checked" by default. If you allow multiple attempts that require manually grading, you may now see more items listed in the 'Needs Grading' tool. Please visit the Grading multiple attempts help page for more information about this feature.


Release 3700.11.0 - installed October 3, 2019

No new features; only bug fixes.

Release 3700.9.0 - installed September 5, 2019

No new features; only bug fixes.

Release 3700.7.0 - installed August 12, 2019

Updates in the user interface

  • When students open an assessment, the Submit button is disabled until they add content or answer at least one question.
  • When a student or instructor uses Box View in an assignment, it opens by default and displays using more screen space.


Release 3700.5.0 - installed July 11, 2019

No new features; only bug fixes.

Release 3700.3.0 - installed June 6, 2019

New option to view Course List - Grid View

All users can now view the Courses page as either a list or a grid. The grid view display 'Course Cards' which contain an image that can be customized by the Instructor. Please visit our FAQ for more information. 

Order of Course List flipped - newest courses listed first

Previously, the Courses page listed a user's oldest courses first. The order has been flipped and now the newest courses are listed first. If a user designates any courses as favorites, those courses still appear first in the list.