UNI eLearning Suite

Blackboard Learn Release Notes

Blackboard Learn is usually updated monthly on the first Thursday of the month usually between 5 p.m.-7 p.m. CT. Please visit Blackboard Learn release schedule for specific dates.


Release 3700.9.0 - installed September 5, 2019

No new features; only bug fixes.

Release 3700.7.0 - installed August 12, 2019

Updates in the user interface

  • When students open an assessment, the Submit button is disabled until they add content or answer at least one question.
  • When a student or instructor uses Box View in an assignment, it opens by default and displays using more screen space.


Release 3700.5.0 - installed July 11, 2019

No new features; only bug fixes.

Release 3700.3.0 - installed June 6, 2019

New option to view Course List - Grid View

All users can now view the Courses page as either a list or a grid. The grid view display 'Course Cards' which contain an image that can be customized by the Instructor. Please visit our FAQ for more information. 

Order of Course List flipped - newest courses listed first

Previously, the Courses page listed a user's oldest courses first. The order has been flipped and now the newest courses are listed first. If a user designates any courses as favorites, those courses still appear first in the list.