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Did you receive a notification stating that your Bb Learn course is over quota? Or did you try to add a file to your course and get an error message? Then you've come to the right place! The IT-ETMS Instructional Technology Team is here to help you resolve the problem. Here's what you'll find on this page:

Why did I get a notification/error message?

Since COVID-19, usage of Bb Learn has grown significantly, which is great! However, we have exceeded our allotted storage limit by over threefold and are now subjected to additional storage expenses. Therefore, a 'Course Quota', set to a 1 GB limit, was implemented on 4/23/2021, starting with the creation of Fall 2021 Bb Learn courses.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not impact existing courses in use prior to April 23, 2021.

Why is it important to be mindful of my Bb Learn course size?

Bb Learn is paid for by Student Technology Fees, so it is important to keep our courses as clean and efficient as possible. 

What contributes to large courses?

There are a number of actions that contribute. Some of the more known reasons are: 

Will I get a warning before I reach the 1 GB limit?

As an instructor of the course, you will receive a warning if/when your course reaches 750 MB. This is the time to address the issue, BEFORE reaching the 1GB limit. Please refer to "How do I fix it?" lower on this page.

Please see our step by step instructions if you wish to check the size of your course before this happens.

What happens if I exceed the 1 GB quota?

If you reach the 1GB limit, when attempting to add course materials/content (which involves uploading files), you will get an error similar to one of our screenshots below:

screenshot showing result of adding a file to a Bb Learn course that has exceeded the quota. The error reads, "Action not complete: Adding the selected content to the specified folder causes the folder to exceed its quota." Additionally, the words, "Invalid File)" are added to the title for the attempted file upload.

The error message received in the screenshot above, where we added a "File" (from Build Content), indicates that attached files did NOT get uploaded to the course. While it appears to make the link, editing reveals the file did not get included. It is now imperative that you take measures to rectify the issue. So what can you do? Take steps to decrease the size of your course. See "How do I fix this problem?" lower on this page.

Error 2

The error message may look different depending on how you try to upload a file. For example, the above screenshot occurred when adding a file via the Content Editor (within the text box).

What if I do a Course Copy with a course that is more than 1 GB?

If you copy a course from a semester prior to Fall 2021 that exceeds the 1GB quota, the copy process will complete as usual. However, if you attempt to add course materials/content (which involves uploading files), you will get the error shown in the screenshot above in the section titled, "What happens if I exceed the 1GB quota?" The behavior of the course into which you copied the large (over quota) course will be the same as any other course that has exceeded the 1GB quota.

How do I fix this problem?

If you need assistance, we are here to help:

If you're up to trying to rectify the issue on your own, here are some resources to guide you:

Questions? & Thank you!

Thank you for being thoughtful regarding use of University resources and the impact our usage habits have on students. We strive to do our best to keep the Student Technology Fee at a minimum while providing valuable teaching and learning tools and resources. We cannot do this without your help!

Should you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us via servicehub.uni.edu.

Your IT-ETMS Instructional Technologies Team

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