UNI eLearning Suite

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect provides faculty, staff and administrators with a web conferencing/webinar environment.  Adobe Connect facilitates interactive meetings and presentations, training, collaborations, and many other events that one might wish to engage others in.  A license is required for its use.

Please email Rick Seeley or call him at (319) 273-7218 with any issues you may have. 

William Downs

"I initially used Adobe Connect for holding synchronous online classes. Students could be ‘present’ while at home for my presentations on class content, as well as presentations by other students. However, this only scratches the surface for distance education. DE students are scattered across Iowa (and elsewhere) and geographical distance can easily result in social distance. I found that even better uses for Adobe Connect are online office hours where students can visit with me for personal reviews of their papers and assignments as well as questions on future papers and assignments, or for general questions about the class. This availability via Adobe Connect greatly increases DE students’ connections to the university and professor; even if they do not use this opportunity, they know it is there and available for them to use. I also found the same to be true for individual meetings with DE students that could be scheduled during times separate from posted hours and at a mutual convenience for myself and the student. For students who are ‘out there’, knowing this option was there for them greatly increased their connectivity with the university." - William Downs, UNI Faculty Member