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Helpful Trick for Locating Content in Your Courses

One way to easily look through your course content items is to use a feature to display the items in a file browser window reminiscent of the operating system your computer is running (MacOS or Windows). Blackboard has made this very simple to do by clicking the folder icon at the top of Course Menu.

To open your courses content in a separate window, first enter the course.
Screenshot of Course Dashboard page

Once there, you will see a small folder icon in the top-right of the Course Menu.
Screenshot of Course Menu with yellow circle around "Display Course Menu in Window" button

Click on this folder icon to open the courses content items in a separate window.

With this window open there are a couple of different ways to navigate through these items, one is the normal way to expand the folders that need to be expanded and manually check through every file to find the one that you need.
Screenshot of expanded Course Content Window

Another is to use the built in "Find" function for the operating system that your computer is using. ("Ctrl+F" for Windows, "Cmd+F" for MacOS)

To use this function, fully expand the folders in the window by clicking the "+" button in the top-right.
Screenshot of Course Content Window with yellow circle around "Expand All" buttonScreenshot of Course Content Window will all folders fully expanded

Once the folders are all expanded, use your operating systems Find function to search for the item you are looking for typing the name of the item in the search bar. (NOTE: In order to find the item you are looking for, be sure to search by the name of the item. The search function works for the title/name of the item only. It does not search the actual text of the item.)
Screenshot of Course Content Window with "Search" Bar opened up with a yellow circle around itScreenshot of Course Content Window with a "course blog" entered into to the "Search" bar

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