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Product Suggestions for Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Inc. is always looking for ways to improve their products. The individuals at Blackboard that collect and manage the product enhancements can be effective advocates;however, they need specific information to help prioritize your case and/or match it with similar requests that have already been received.

For information about "What Happens to a Suggestion?", please visit:

Submitting a Blackboard Product Suggestion or Enhancement

Tips and guidelines:

  • Have only 1 suggestion per submission
  • Clearly describe the problem and how to correct it, or the enahcement or new feature you feel should be part of the product. Be specific in naming what tools or processes are being used.
  • What types of benefits would this enhancement have on people? (Including all faculty, students, etc.)

Note: You may also attach documents or images to the suggestion form in order to help explain your request.

Here is the link to the product suggestion form, followed by the question answers that will relate to the eLearning system.

Which course experience does this suggestion relate to?
- Original Learn Course Experience

Your organization, institution or school name:
- University of Northern Iowa

Your organization, institution or school type.
- Higher Education

Where are you located?
- North America